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Affordable, professional audio voicing

One great way to enhance the professionalism of your PhoneValet or PhoneHerald system is with professionally voiced audio messages.

Parliant has teamed up with Holdcom, the leader in audio marketing services, to deliver top quality audio files optimized for use in PhoneValet and PhoneHerald at a special price. You've already heard Holdcom's high-quality audio — Holdcom produced the default greetings that came with your Parliant product.

Select your own "corporate voice"

A large range of voice artists are available with many styles and accents to choose from. Both male and female voices are available. You listen to samples of each voice artist and select your voice talent by name, allowing you to return and request new recordings from your "corporate voice" in the future (subject to voice talent availability).

Get started right now!

Orders are placed and filled online within three business days. These services are offered at a great price, well within the means of your business. Obtain a no-obligation online quote from the voice production department by clicking on the link below.

Select your voice and get your online quote now!

Use this link to create any type of message, including greetings, announcements and hold messages. (Please disregard any advice relating to special processing of message-on-hold orders, this is not applicable to audio for Parliant products.)